Kim Dower’s first collection, Air Kissing on Mars was published by Red Hen Press in 2010 and appeared on the Poetry Foundation’s Contemporary Best Sellers list. The Los Angeles Times described it as, “sensual and evocative lyrical snapshots of life’s bittersweet moments, seamlessly combining humor and heartache.”  In her second collection, Slice of Moon, Kim Dower retains her whimsical style while reaching deeper inside what it means to be human -- writing of love, longing, motherhood, vulnerability, death -- with the same humor and accessibility of her earlier work, but with greater lyrical intensity, irony, poignancy. The collection is a rainbow rope of entwined emotional fibers, each one a different expression: funny, sad, angry, loving, strong, fearful, sexy, and Kim Dower weaves these colors beautifully to create Slice of Moon, a book that resonates with honesty and the complexities of life.

Losing ones mother in Bloomingdales, the pleasures of corned beef, the power of bottled water, fear of freeways, hot springs, boob jobs, secrets in hotel rooms, dolphins sleeping with one eye open, wolves in garter belts, the strange lights next door, the people in the health food store who don’t look healthy; Slice of Moon is simultaneously funny and profound, universal and personal, and examines a life well-lived. Drenched in vivid imagery, sparkling with surprise, each poem reminds us that our lives are filled with desire and mystery.

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