Reviews - What She Wants: Poems on Obsession, Desire, Despair, Euphoria

"Psychologically astute and playfully resolute at evoking the irrevocable desire for love, attraction, seduction and yes, companionship, What She Wants belongs on every bookshelf: not just for poetry lovers. But the poetry is there, singing its echoing delight through the lines, like desire itself, and enticing, resolving, and picturing the myriad ways we are compelled by desire and all its fruits.”
—John Evans, Co-Owner Diesel, a Bookstore

"Desires, both feral and mundane, are slung across these pages in a crescendo of sexual longing and urgent vitality."
—Amanda Youngman, Manager, Barnes & Noble at The Grove

"A fantastic book!”
—Suzy Takacs, owner of The Book Cellar Bookstore in Chicago, Illinois

"From whispered secrets to consuming obsessions, these poems unveil the complexities of love, longing, and the urgency that prods us to pursue the objects of one's desire."
—Luisa Smith, Buying Director, Book Passage Bookstore

"I love this collection!”
—Dan Graham, Book Soup Bookstore

"Captures the timeless art of storytelling through verse with raw and unfiltered emotions, lyrical language and vivid imagery. With every turn of the page, readers will find themselves drawn deeper into a world where words hold the power to inspire, delight and transform."
—Julie Slavinsky, Director of Events, Warwick’s


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