Kim Dower’s Poetry Is…

“Sensual and evocative . . . seamlessly combines humor and heartache.”
—Los Angeles Times

“Unexpected and sublime.”
—O Magazine

“A moving blend of sexual experimentation and loss.”
—Library Journal

“More Billy Collins than John Ashbery and has some of the same sharp Southern California perspective as Joan Didion, driving down the freeway in The White Album.”

“Exquisitely crafted but the tool marks are invisible on the printed page, and each poem reads like an intimate conversation with the poet herself—bright and lucid, funny and sharp, and always full of life.”
—Jonathan Kirsch, Jewish Journal

“Bold and sexy and smart.”
—Stephen Dunn

“A dark chocolate fever dream of love, of mothers. Kim Dower dares you into the dark. You may find yourself lurking there.”
—Erica Jong

“A kind of miracle. . . wild with poetry’s particular fever . . . but, but, sometimes—tempered by a rich inner life, fed by wisdom and knowledge one gets walking up and down upon the earth with all of one’s senses fully alert. . . and this fever can turn into art, as it has, in poem after poem.”
—Thomas Lux

“Charming and compelling, accessible and profound.”
—Lisa See

“Jazzy, sassy, sexy—poems that move fast, are full of surprise and tweak the heartstrings like Arkhipovsky tweaks the balalaika.”
—Stephen Dobyns

“Witty, sexy, irreverent, touching, and disarmingly candid. Attuned to life’s quirky and endearing strangeness, [Kim’s] poems are, you guessed it, fun.”
—Charles Harper Webb



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